Think of / Think About?

Updated: May 4, 2019

Are you uncertain which one is right? where and how to use it? Even though the difference is slightly considerable , Here’s a quick-reference to help you out :

Think Of

* Synonyms: Remember,bear in mind,take into account, take into consideration...

* Meaning: To consider a thought, an idea or to choose quickly an option. It usually refers to a short process of thinking.

*Exp: -Think of the people in Africa suffering from water scarcity.

-------> Consideration

- That is our new colleague, I cant think of his name.

--------> Remember

-Think of a number between 1 and 5 .

-------->Choose quickly

Think about

* Synonyms: contemplate, consider, ponder

* Meaning: It conveys the meaning of having something on one's mind. It usually refers to a long process of thinking or an abstract idea.

*Exp: -What are you thinking about?

-I can't decide what to have for dinner.


-I'm thinking about the meaning of life.

-------->Abstract idea


*Think of / Think about are used sometimes as synonyms when talking about opinion:

Exp: What do you think of/about my idea?

*Pay attention to the context : the most important factor is the process of thinking itself (long/short process ) to express correctly the idea.