Common Collocations with Fire

collocations are words that seem to connect or to be used together by native speakers of a language in order to convey an altitude regarding a situation, explicitly and implicitly , yet most of the time it carries an emphasis upon certain meanings.

The best way to understand a collocation is to see it in action,

i.e to understand it in context.

here are few collocations associated with the word Fire.

make sure you use it correctly :)

You shall know a word by the company it keeps . J R Firth (British linguist, 1890-1960)

1* To be on fire

This phrase has both a bare and metaphorical meaning. To be on fire means that something is actually burning, like a burning house:


Mr. Brown came home and he couldn't believe what he saw, his house was on fire. Everything was completely destroyed.

If something/someone is metaphorically on fire, it means that it is making a great effort or a remarkable progress.


The new worker is on fire, everything is done perfectly on time.

2*To set sth on fire

If you set something on fire, you literally burn it. Setting something on fire usually means starting a fire that might grow big to burn the whole thing.


Se was so mad at her husband that she set all their wedding pictures on fire.

3*To add fuel to the fire

To add fuel to the fire has a literal meaning as it signifies adding normally gasoline to an existing fire.

you add fuel to the fire also means provocation during a fight or an argument. It is the fact of doing or saying something to worsen the situation.


Victor was having an argument with his wife. She was very mad that all his excuses only added fuel to the fire.

4*Be in the line of fire

To literally be in the line of fire means that you are in a position where you will be hurt if someone shoots a gun .

metaphorically speaking, in the line of fire means facing an unpleasant criticism, or a harsh punishment. you are in the line of fire means you will take heat for something that you've probably done.


the entire family was against Darrel marrying Beth, they actually got married. Darrel knew he is in the line of fire once he marries her.

5*To fire someone

''Mary was a lousy worker, she was never on time and she didn't finish any reports for this month. That is why she got Fired.''

This means Mary was dismissed and she no longer works in our company.