How scary was that?!! Everything u need to know about fear

How would you describe a scary situation you've been through or you've heard of?

It is scary. and then what?

You feel like you don't have enough words to talk about such situations?

Here's a list of synonyms, responses and idioms to help you out :)

other ways to say ''It is Scary''

Alarming Dreadful Bloodcurdling Terrifying

Chilling Spooky Hair-raising Shocking

Creepy Unnerving Horrendous

Eerie Spine-chilling


other ways to say "I'm scared''

anxious panic-stricken frightened perturbed

apprehensive trembling frozen petrified

aroused faint-hearted horrified disturbed

daunted in awe

How To express or react to fear


to make a sudden loud noise because you are afraid or are feeling pain

cry out

to make a loud noise because you are in pain or because you are afraid or shocked


if your body or part of your body trembles, it shakes, usually because you are nervous, afraid, or excited

back away

to move away backwards from someone, for example because you are afraid


to move back slightly from something that is unpleasant or frightening


to run in a sudden way, especially because you are frightened


to move quickly back from someone or something frightening or unpleasant


to move your body down and away from someone or something because you are frightened


to move back or away from someone or something, especially because you are frightened or nervous


to breathe very fast in a way that is not normal, for example because you are frightened or nervous

Idioms for being afraid


These unusual words are used to express a feeling of fear and being uncomfortable.

  • That movie gave me the heebie-jeebies.

Make your blood run cold

Many people say that when they are scared, it makes them feel very cold all of a sudden.

  • My blood ran cold it scared me so much.

Jumped out of my skin!

Have you ever gotten scared so quickly that it felt like your whole body jumped without you even moving?

  • It was such a fright that I jumped out of my skin!