A different Approach To Teaching English To Adults A1/A2

Updated: May 1, 2018

Teaching English as a second language may not be as easy as people assume, in fact it is demanding and tough notably to young teachers or foreigners teaching abroad. yet such challenge can be conquered if you follow the right steps to introduce the new language.

English is not a complicated language to learn, I honestly find it as interesting and exquisite as it tends to be :)

here are some ideas that will help you getting ready to spice up your lessons:

1*How to read your Student:

As a teacher, it is tough to try to develop comprehension skills in your students. They speak different languages,they acquire their own idioms, phrases and collocations,that is exactly why you need to be ready to face such challenge . Especially when your students are speaking ONLY their native language.

In Fact, this is your chance to to build up their second language and that is, for me, an amazing job.

When you teach someone, having a blur idea or some Preconceptions when it comes to English language, He is expecting you to be a mentor and tutor who's going to correct his mistakes and introduce him to new vocabulary and methods of learning. In this case, you just need to figure out from where to start and work on enhancing the learners skills.

Yet with a no previous contact learners,you are definitely his first source founding together new ways to communicate , Then, it is up to you to make it rather easier for the learner to perceive English. Read your Student, Organize your lesson and you're fine :)

2*Design your lessons :

For Some Teachers , this is a part that is rather ignored during their teaching experience,Most of them rely on course books, designed by different schools,with ready materials and timelines.

That is actually okay, for some time, but then it gets Boring.

Don't be predictable,Create your own timeline, from where to start, you can always use the coursebooks but don't let it use you.

In the classroom, you're in charge and you decide the parts that are needed, not the book itself .

Create your own methodology according to the students you have. Learners are not similar , if you ll get to know how they respond to different methods of teaching, then your lesson will make perfect sense.

Make it interesting :)

To Be Continued..

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