Hi !!!


I  am Amy,


          a certified English teacher with ESL and TEFL experience, living and working mainly in Koszalin, Poland.
         Coming Basically from Tunisia, I grew up in a multilingual environment in which my parents appreciated foreign languages and pushed me hard to work on that, yet my passion to learn even more brought me to realize that literature was my thing. 

      I Fell in love with books, everything connected to it seduced me and then I discovered the English Language. Ever since I had no escape but to follow the voice of my heart.
        Learning English, Teaching it by now was a hell of a ride, but I knew all the way that this was my way and that was the right thing for me to do...So here I am.


      My Passion led me to participate in so many projects connected to teaching English as a second language that I was able to teach not only Poland but also, Spanish, Italian and French students during internships at the multilingual schools I 've worked for.
    Meanwhile, I've created more of my own materials, my favourite selections of books and courses, and my most liked creative conversational topics.

    Full of sensational ideas, outlooks and inspirations, I'm exposing my views here so that each student/teacher would benefit from my experience.


   English is not just a language, it is your clue to a better understanding of the world.

              It changed my life, maybe it will change yours too :)



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